Buscemi is a background music curator on Moodby. Play streaming service for public venues

You’ve known me as a DJ and music producer for a long time. Since 1996, I’ve been making and producing music that combines the elements of a variety of genres. But today’s world offers a lot more opportunities, for example, background music curation at public places.

I’m excited to join the trend and perform as a background music curator. In May 2023, I began cooperating with Moodby, a trusted European provider of background music streaming services for venues like bars, cafés, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, shopping malls, spas, and gyms.

The company has a music streaming platform named Moodby Play. In fact, it is an online marketplace that includes millions of songs, numerous playlists, and over 500 music stations tailored to various establishment types.

I’ve already compiled 6 music stations on Moodby Play. For instance, “Jazz time” is especially suited for ensuring a cozy atmosphere and light moderate mood. Combining light jazz, easy listening, exotica, space age pop, and mambo, “Cocktail music” is great for delivering an engaging drinking experience in a bar.

The “Yoga and Zen Sounds” station perfectly fits for providing a calm, peaceful, and mindful ambiance. “Classical” is a mix of beautiful classical compositions and timeless melodies helping create a special vibe and bring more elegance to the place. You can find all my stations in my profile on Moodby Play.

The whole content on Moodby Play is licensed for commercial use, so brands don’t have to worry about fines and lawsuits from the music rights holders. The service contains features such as centralized music management, remote control across multiple locations, and explicit lyrics filter. Thanks to offline mode, establishments can continue playing music even when the Internet connection is lost.

The platform has an intuitive interface allowing you to use it without thinking. Furthermore, Moodby Play gives access to a mobile jukebox app that lets guests request their favorite songs when having a rest in the venue.

I’m thrilled to collaborate with Moodby. The idea to bring music curators, businesses, and their guests together is amazing and I love it. Looking forward to adding new works to the platform and cooperating with brands.

If you want to have a personalized music station tailored to your specific requirements or receive advice, feel free to contact me via dirk@buscemi.be!

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